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30 May
We took a day out for a run in the country. As always I'm dressed in my really sexy black ff nylons which I wore with some nice pink lingerie. After lots of bumping about on those bad roads I was feeling really horny. We pulled over to the side and I had to play with myself which was caught on camera just for you!
23 May
Hanging the washing can be such a tedious task, so why not spice things up a little. Mmmm, these clothes pegs look interesting. They certainly bring some lovely sensations to my sensitive nipples!
17 May
There I was, dressed and ready to go out and putting the finishing touches to my hair when my hubby walks in, sticks out his cock and makes me spurt his hot sticky cum all over my nylon thighs! I'll have to carry on with all that cum...
11 May
And now for something different. I was inspired by a submissive bondage set I saw on the internet and wanted to repeat the sensation for myself. So here we have me bound tightly, but of course never forgetting to wear my ff seams....
5 May
It's time for some self pleasure with my fabulous duo balls. Watch me tantalisingly play with them as i stroke my sheer nylons... always guaranteed to get me hot... before I work those balls inside me for an incredible orgasm!
29 April
When the sun is out it's time for a little my nylons of course! But when it gets a little too hot, then there's n better way to cool down that with a big bottle of water....and I don't mean just to drink from!
23 April
Doing chores can be very tiring, especially on my feet. So I take some time out to massage them and then, having a brainwave, I slip my feet into the bucket of water.... that feels better. Now would you like to see my nylon clad wet feet?
17 April
Mmmmm, there's nothing like a hot steamy shower wearing fully fashioned nylons. Watch me tease my pussy with those hot jets of water...
11 April
I'm feeling very horny and need to play. I spend some time stroking my sexy nylons which always gets me going. Then it's time for my double toy session with my favorite rabbit and a vibe for double pleasure. Wow, what an orgasm!
5 April
Taking a drive in the country can be so much fun, especially when I'm wearing something gives me a chance to pose for you and indulge in some foot tease wearing my sheer fully fashioned nylons :)
30 March
I've just had a lovely long bath and it's now time to get ready. I oil up and put on my new nylons. Trouble is, my partner decided he was desperate for a foot-job and as you will see he squirted his load all over them; another pair ruined!
17 March
I just can't decide on which colour nylons would work best for a party. After trying a light nude shade I decided that black always goes down well especially with you men....come watch me put them on and attach them to my girdle
5 March
Here's one for all you pedal-pumping lovers. I've had many requests for this, both in heels and in my sexy nylons, so both of you are covered. Every angle is covered and there's even a nice little overhead pussy show to go with it!
26 February
I'm feeling like a naughty little girl today, so what better way than to go down to the play ground. All these play things seem to catch a lot of upskirt shots don't they. Of course, like a naughty girl I have to wear naughty nylons and panties
20 February
Peeling potatoes I came across this unusual one which looked like a small penis. Being permanently horny it didn't take long for my mind to wander and before I knew it I was masturbating and came pussy juices were everywhere!
14 February
Shoe shopping has never been such fun. Wearing my business suit I walk around, try on several pairs....but the biggest secret is that I'm wearing no panties and have duo balls stuffed inside my pussy! I was horny as hell !!
2 February
I went for a walk to an old railway bridge where I used to play as a child. This time I played a little differently in my super sexy ff nylons, flashing at the trains with all those sexy wrinkles showing too!
26 January
Just a straight-forward handjob and deep-throat blowjob whilst wearing a nylon stocking over my hand for that extra-sensitive feeling...of course I'm also wearing nylons!
15 December
I wander around the house in just my nylonsand longline girdle. Happily reading, I'm distracted by the thought of what it would be like to see me from under this glass table, so let's experiment...the results are amazing !
8 December
There I was, busy texting on my phone when my partner decides he wants to film me on video! Tired that he has to wait for me he takes out his cock and wants me to give him a footjob while I carry on...always happy to please....
2 December
I'm ready to do a little sightseeing on holiday. Actually I'll be shopping. And in this heat nylon stockings are the only thing to wear....but do you think I should put some panties on? Perhaps I'll just let the air circulate to keep me cool :)
29 October
I am late for work and my hubby is taking much too long in the bathroom, so I go in and find him masturbating!! Even when I put on my make-up he still carries on! Well, if I want him to hurry up then I had better help him out (wink).
22 October
I'm back in the great outdoors once again and loving this leather and nylons combo. Watch me strut my stuff in high heel stilettos along this country road without a care in the world. Then see me reaveal some surprises...
14 October
After a heavy night out I am often too drunk to take off all my underwear, especially the fiddly garter clasps. The problem is that when I start to wake up the next day I feel my nylons in the sheets and that gets me so turned on!
28 September
Arriving back at my hotel room desperate for a nice glass of wine after a day out you will see that even when I wear jeans I always wear nylons underneath. Here I'll show you....
21 September
Here's a daring photoshoot! Standing over a highway bridge lifting my skirt and flashing my stockings at the passing cars I then go further and flash my pussy at them! Now that's a sight you don't see very often...
15 September
Dressed in my sexy black nylons I am feeling very horny today and desperate for some good hard cock in my mouth. But instead of just a simple blowjob I decide on a whole session of deep-throating until he explodes!
29 August
A little fun in the back of the van stripping and playing on the dirty van mat wearing my fabulous new 7" stiletto heels and of course seams too under mys hort skirt. Great fun!
24 August
I love playing outdoors especially when there are other people around and they can't see me. Here I am on my hotel balcony rubbing oil into my body and private places then finger fucking myself really hard for an explosive orgasm...
14 August
Watching images of ourselves on the bed and feeling very horny I gave him a foot show then footjob and made him cum. Then it was time for me to have my fun. I played with myself sticking fingers into all holes before I too came hard!
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